Cash/Guns/Ammo at Bail Facility!?

Recent reports about the finding of contraband firearms, ammunition and cash at an Auckland bail facility suggests once more that police enforcement of these and similar facilities is either lacking, or lackadaisical.

This underscores how police treat as ‘poor cousins’ anything that is not regarded as a priority, including the administration of firearm control measures – for decades.

We now learn facilities for holding offenders who have gained bail (also, a privilege, surely?) may well be under-scrutinised to the extent they not only access firearms but get to store them there.

We must ask if anyone at the facility was licensed for firearm ownership, and if the firearms and ammunition were being stored correctly, i.e. in accord with the police recommendations and the requirements of Regulations 19 or 28 of the Arms Regulations (1992).

The situation also begs the question of exactly how full firearm registration will prevent the subsequent re-occurrence of this situation in the future?

Clearly, without enforcement, crime and criminal behavior will flourish!