Royal Commission Report is just the start.

The release of the Royal Commission of Inquiry report that looked into why the Police granted a gun license to the man who then committed the massacre on March the 15th last year is just the start, according to the Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand [SSANZ].

President Neville Dodd says The Dept of Internal Affairs on behalf of the Commission says The Royal Commissions report has been written so that it can be published in full without the need for redaction to protect national security or privacy or confidentiality matters.We therefore question why the Minister is being so vague about the release date. What is concerning the Government so much that they are delaying the release of the report to ordinary New Zealanders?  

Dodd also says there are also many questions Police need to answer, for example why dont they know how many firearms are in New Zealand? They are given lists of firearm types and serial numbers for all firearms when they are imported.  This is a requirement imposed on firearms dealers.”  The dealers are required to notify the Police within 30 days of details, including serial numbers, of all firearms legally imported.

He also adds Police do keep records of all reported stolen firearms, but it seems they arent making the list available as they prefer to destroy any weapons involved in court cases.

On that subject, Police are required by law to inform insurance companies of any recovered stolen forearms, but we understand Police ceased that several years ago

Further to that, it seems that Police are destroying the stolen firearms that they recover instead of returning them to the rightful owners in an attempt to show the public and officials that they are taking a hard line on illegalguns.

Dodd says the Police clearly have a problem trying to account for illegally imported firearms.

We understand that more firearms are recovered every year than those reported as stolen. If so, that refutes claims by the Police Association and Police themselves that gangs and other undesirables rely on theft from Licensed Firearms Owners for their supply of illicit guns.It also points to there being an illegal importing pipeline in place for criminal gangs and Police are unable to put a stop to it.

Police recently put out a regional South Pacific report that claimed New Zealand was a regional hub for drug and gun smugglingsays Dodd, That suggests to everyone that they are losing the battle and have no idea what to do next

Licensed firearms owners are throwing their support behind ACT to get transparency over gun laws.

ACT is calling on the Government to release the report of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch terrorist attacks next week.

Sporting Shooters Assn New Zealand [SSANZ] President, Neville Dodd, says “We understand that the report has been finished, so why are the Government looking to delay presenting it?”

It is understood that The Inquiries Act says the report must be presented to Parliament by the Internal Affairs Minister as soon as possible, so SSANZ are asking for an explanation for any delays.

“We are aware that recent shooting incidents involving non-licensed people have highlighted a desire for reform, but it is the lawful shooters who are being used as a scapegoat”

New Act MP Nicole McKee, says “After being targeted by the Government in the wake of 15 March, lawful firearms owners in particular deserve to see the report.”

She adds “Firearms reform must now start again based on the findings of the Royal Commission.”

SSANZ totally agrees with her, reiterating that the authorities and the Government should be targeting the people who are not law abiding, not the law-abiding ones.

“We are pleased to see that the Police are making progress within the ranks of groups who own illegal weapons, and hopefully stopping the black market sales of guns and ammunition, but that will take time” says Dodd.

Both SSANZ and ACT agree, the solution to the problem begins with the most open and transparent government telling us how 15 March happened.