Researchers need to research, not just blame.

Law-abiding licensed firearms owners are again taking a hiding from authorities because of a lack of accurate research on what is really happening in New Zealand’s underbelly. 

University Otago Wellington firearms researcher, Hera Cook, is saying that firearms are being smuggled into the country and that licensed firearms owners are either selling weapons on the black market or allowing them to be obtained through burglaries due to slack security.

Controversy continues to rage over the March 15th terrorist attacker being granted a firearms license when, in hindsight, he certainly should not have one, plus “leaks” from the Police department suggesting that some legal firearm owners are suppling weapons to unlicensed people.

The question needs to be asked; If the Police know about these people, why have they not been apprehended.  

Enthusiasts are applauding the general Policing of illegal firearms and are noting that on average, one gang member a day is being charged with firearms offences, however, there is a strong feeling amongst legal owners that they are being used as the whipping horse. 

With firearms laws being changed, with many saying in a knee jerks reaction, there is a spotlight on banning the use of as many firearms as possible by politicians wanting to make career gain from being seen to “be doing the right thing to protect New Zealanders” 

As the debate swings from one side to the other, the reality is that the innocent law-abiding folk are being restricted more and more when it is not them who are breaking the law and killing innocent Police and citizens. 

Please authorities identify those who are the problem and act accordingly. 

TAHR CULL – money maker or high costs to Tax Payers. 

Tahr, as you will know, live in the most inaccessible areas of our mountain ranges and are recognized as an introduced pest along with other game animals, but while the damage they do is real,  keeping numbers at a manageable level has become a political issue.

The Minister of Conservation, Eugenie Sage, wants the Government to fund an organized cull at the expense of the taxpayer, National spokesperson for conservation, Jacqui Deans, wants the reduction to be in the hands of licensed and professional hunting guides. 

The former costing an undisclosed figure, the later a chance for New Zealand to cash in on the very profitable trophy industry.

Looking at the numbers controlled by professional guides, about 18,000 have fallen to hunters during the past 3 years bringing many thousands of overseas funds onto our shores.

The economic damage done by rabbits throughout the country and their control would, perhaps, be a better target than reducing livelihoods of guides and recreation for local hunters.


An understanding hand and another voice for licensed Firearms Owners. 

At last another advocate for licensed firearms owners putting their hand up on our behalf. 

Previous COLFO Spokeswoman Nicole McKee has announced she has been asked by the ACT party to stand for Parliament in Wellington, and has been given number three on the party list. 

She has accepted because she says she wants to bring “commonsense and practicalities” back into Government.

Since the Christchurch shooting last year, she has frequently appeared in the media to criticise the Government’s gun reforms and the speed at which they were passed.

“I’ve been watching the erosion of a democratic process with our legislation over the last three years, and it’s become incredibly frustrating to be one of those persons on the outside,” 

Realising that there are around 250,000 licensed firearms owners, all with families and friends, the political power has been overlooked by other parties, so it is little wonder that ACT have stepped up and are now asking the Government and others the hard questions. 

Sadly some members of the media have already attacked Nicole and the ACT party for their stand, that being seen as an easy target to highlight as the general public have little understanding of firearms and their usage, however members of shooting clubs and organisations are already throwing their support behind the move by ACT and the work Nicole is setting out to achieve. 

For example, the Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand are welcoming the move and are urging their members, all of whom are licensed owners, to make Nicole’s move a positive and, as she says, to bring common sense and practicalities back to Government. 

The election date is 19th September Our


Thursday the 18th June 2020 will go down as the blackest day in New Zealand Firearm history with the passing of the Arms Legislation Bill 2019.

This Bill introduced by the Labour lead coalition government in response to the 15 March 2019 Christchurch Terror attack, includes a Register of ALL firearms, Registration of all shooting clubs and ranges, removes Doctor-patient confidentiality for Mental Health issues and the right to silence for licensed firearm owners.  In addition, it introduces more offenses and harsher penalties. And many complex regulations.

While its aim as stated by the government is to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys and make New Zealanders safer, it does the opposite.

Hear what Act leader David Seymour had to say about it in the final speech 



On the day that the Arms Legislation Bill 2019, which introduces the most strict firearm control laws in New Zealand history, was debated by Parliament it was revealed that Brenton Tarrant the Christchurch terrorist was granted a firearms licence through failings in Police procedure.

It has been revealed that Tarrant who arrived in New Zealand in August 2017 was granted his firearm licence in November of the same year, which allowed him to buy the guns and ammunition that allowed him to kill 51 people at two Christchurch mosques on the 15 March 2019.  In assessing his suitability to hold a licence sources within police say the Police Vetting Officers failed to carry out the correct procedure.  Instead of interviewing two referees who knew the subject for at least 2 years, one to be a close family member, a father, and son who only knew Tarrant through an internet chat room were questioned. More here.

When questioned in Parliament the next day Nash claimed to have no knowledge of the Police error and stated that Police had advised him in March 2019 that the correct vetting procedures had been followed. Watch video.

Rather than await the outcome of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch killings, Nash has pressed ahead with pushing the new Bill through parliament, stating that its aim is to prevent bad guys from getting hold of guns and keeping New Zealanders safe. 


Speculation is rife that NZ First has done a deal with Labour to allow the Arms Legislation Bill 2019 to pass into law this week.  With National and Act Parties both indicating their opposition to this new gun control Bill the Labour lead government needs NZ First support to pass into law the most draconian gun control laws in New Zealand history.

The Bill will require all firearms to be registered, all shooting clubs and gun ranges to approved and certified, require doctors to report on the mental health of Licensed Firearm Owners, and allow new regulations to impose additional conditions on firearm ownership. There will be stricter criteria for being judged as a “fit and proper” person to be a licence holder and stiffer penalties, up to 10 years in prison, for failure to comply with the many complex provisions of the Bill.

Shooting organisations such as SSANZ, COLFO, and many other organisations and individuals have fought tooth and nail through the shortened submission process to put forward sound arguments opposing this Bill, it would seem we are about to find out if we have been listened to.

One lasting travesty of this anti-gun Bill is that the government did not see fit to await the outcome of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the March 2019 terror attack in Christchurch that was the catalyst for this legislation.