Researchers need to research, not just blame.

Law-abiding licensed firearms owners are again taking a hiding from authorities because of a lack of accurate research on what is really happening in New Zealand’s underbelly. 

University Otago Wellington firearms researcher, Hera Cook, is saying that firearms are being smuggled into the country and that licensed firearms owners are either selling weapons on the black market or allowing them to be obtained through burglaries due to slack security.

Controversy continues to rage over the March 15th terrorist attacker being granted a firearms license when, in hindsight, he certainly should not have one, plus “leaks” from the Police department suggesting that some legal firearm owners are suppling weapons to unlicensed people.

The question needs to be asked; If the Police know about these people, why have they not been apprehended.  

Enthusiasts are applauding the general Policing of illegal firearms and are noting that on average, one gang member a day is being charged with firearms offences, however, there is a strong feeling amongst legal owners that they are being used as the whipping horse. 

With firearms laws being changed, with many saying in a knee jerks reaction, there is a spotlight on banning the use of as many firearms as possible by politicians wanting to make career gain from being seen to “be doing the right thing to protect New Zealanders” 

As the debate swings from one side to the other, the reality is that the innocent law-abiding folk are being restricted more and more when it is not them who are breaking the law and killing innocent Police and citizens. 

Please authorities identify those who are the problem and act accordingly.