Join Sporting Shooters NZ 

By joining Sporting Shooters NZ you help to make us a more effective lobby group. We will keep you informed of issues that affect our sport and together we will attempt to oppose those that have an adverse outcome while supporting situations that encourage shooting sports.

Objectives of Sporting Shooters NZ

  • To uphold the rights and responsibilities of New Zealand firearm owners who are lawfully engaged in the shooting or collecting pastime of their choice.
  • To promote or oppose as may be deemed necessary all legislative and other measures which shall or might affect the interests of the members of the Association.
  • To promote and facilitate the exchange of knowledge between firearm owners.
  • To promote legal and responsible shooting activities.
  • To promote the safe use of firearms in the community
  • To facilitate all lawful firearm and related activities such as gun shows and public displays.
  • To actively support any Branch of this association.
  • To actively support the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO)

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Protecting Your Rights to Firearm Ownership

Set up in June 1991 the Sporting Shooters Association of NZ was established to protect the rights and responsibilities of New Zealand Licensed Firearm owners. Primarily a political lobby group we have campaigned successfully with others such as COLFO against various legislation that attempted to restrict the ownership of firearms in New Zealand.

However government legislation is not the only area where Sporting Shooters may be restricted in their activities, Regional Councils, District Councils, Government Agencies and Corporate bodies can all bring about restrictions that have an impact on our sport. Constant vigilance is required in order to counter these restrictions.

Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand supports all forms of lawful shooting activities you will find a list of New Zealand Gun Clubs here.