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Our purpose

Sporting Shooters NZ (SSANZ) fights for the rights of all Licenced Firearm Owners, whether you belong to a club, Association or not.

Shooting sports in all forms are part of New Zealand culture and that culture is seriously under threat.

Firearms rights

Unlike the USA where the right to own and possess firearms is enshrined in the Constitution under the Second Amendment, there is no such legal protection in New Zealand.

Get to know your rights and responsibilities.

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Whether you hunt, target shoot, collect history or control pests we support you and your legal firearm activities. By uniting together we can ensure the survival of our firearm interests. Join us today and help make a difference..

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Who we are

Sporting Shooters NZ is a large group of people who recognise that our chosen firearm related sport, hobby or occupation are under constant threat and are passionate about protecting and regaining the rights that have been lost.

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