An understanding hand and another voice for licensed Firearms Owners. 

At last another advocate for licensed firearms owners putting their hand up on our behalf. 

Previous COLFO Spokeswoman Nicole McKee has announced she has been asked by the ACT party to stand for Parliament in Wellington, and has been given number three on the party list. 

She has accepted because she says she wants to bring “commonsense and practicalities” back into Government.

Since the Christchurch shooting last year, she has frequently appeared in the media to criticise the Government’s gun reforms and the speed at which they were passed.

“I’ve been watching the erosion of a democratic process with our legislation over the last three years, and it’s become incredibly frustrating to be one of those persons on the outside,” 

Realising that there are around 250,000 licensed firearms owners, all with families and friends, the political power has been overlooked by other parties, so it is little wonder that ACT have stepped up and are now asking the Government and others the hard questions. 

Sadly some members of the media have already attacked Nicole and the ACT party for their stand, that being seen as an easy target to highlight as the general public have little understanding of firearms and their usage, however members of shooting clubs and organisations are already throwing their support behind the move by ACT and the work Nicole is setting out to achieve. 

For example, the Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand are welcoming the move and are urging their members, all of whom are licensed owners, to make Nicole’s move a positive and, as she says, to bring common sense and practicalities back to Government. 

The election date is 19th September Our