On the day that the Arms Legislation Bill 2019, which introduces the most strict firearm control laws in New Zealand history, was debated by Parliament it was revealed that Brenton Tarrant the Christchurch terrorist was granted a firearms licence through failings in Police procedure.

It has been revealed that Tarrant who arrived in New Zealand in August 2017 was granted his firearm licence in November of the same year, which allowed him to buy the guns and ammunition that allowed him to kill 51 people at two Christchurch mosques on the 15 March 2019.  In assessing his suitability to hold a licence sources within police say the Police Vetting Officers failed to carry out the correct procedure.  Instead of interviewing two referees who knew the subject for at least 2 years, one to be a close family member, a father, and son who only knew Tarrant through an internet chat room were questioned. More here.

When questioned in Parliament the next day Nash claimed to have no knowledge of the Police error and stated that Police had advised him in March 2019 that the correct vetting procedures had been followed. Watch video.

Rather than await the outcome of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch killings, Nash has pressed ahead with pushing the new Bill through parliament, stating that its aim is to prevent bad guys from getting hold of guns and keeping New Zealanders safe.