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Firearm Registry- Political, Not a Pragmatic One?

Opinion by Chaz Forsyth Introduction The value of a registry as a crime prevention and crime solving tool has repeatedly been advanced by its supporters..  The police on many occasions before the recent law changes have argued that a registry is not necessary for their operations, so the decision to embark upon a registry seems […]

Why the gun register will fail! It will be full of errors!

Why? We give you one simple example. The new Registry requires firearms owners to enter details of the rifles they own. That includes the make model and serial number of each rifle. Essential if the Register is to fulfil its design purpose. That sounds easy enough – BUT – it isn’t. Police haven’t taken the […]

Chris Hipkins, Nicole McKee open WSR shooting season

On Saturday the new long range shooting season opened at Trentham in Upper Hutt. It was great to see the Minister of Police Hon Chris Hipkins attend and participate in the opening match with Nicole McKee, the Mayor of Upper Hutt Wayne Guppy and Mayoral Candidate Angela McLeod. Full info’ here: https://l-to.com/lq1125cy But are politicians […]

Dodgy Police statistics reveals failure of gun law “reforms”

Referring to this article, it is apparent that “gun crime” has not declined since the confiscation of thousand s of semi auto rifles from law abiding firearm owners, and the tighter gun controls put in place by the Labour government. Police data collection on gun crime is flawed, failing to differentiate when an actual crime is committed […]

Cash/Guns/Ammo at Bail Facility!?

Recent reports about the finding of contraband firearms, ammunition and cash at an Auckland bail facility suggests once more that police enforcement of these and similar facilities is either lacking, or lackadaisical. This underscores how police treat as ‘poor cousins’ anything that is not regarded as a priority, including the administration of firearm control measures […]

Police Taking a Year to Renew a Firearms Licence

Why is it taking so long (12 months or more) for police to renew a firearms licence? Could it be that Police are swamped in a mess of their own making. A more important question is why is it the job of Police to renew a licence?  These questions are being asked by responsible firearm […]


The persistence with which police are delaying the issue of new firearm licences and the renewal of existing ones (a whole year to just renew!!) has spurred a Member of Parliament to question the Police Minister about the delays. We applaud the improved vetting now being undertaken by the Police after their disgraceful failures of […]

COMMONWEALTH GAMES – no shooting competitors

New Zealand athletes are making their mark at the Commonwealth Games and we wish our Kiwi competitors every success. On past history, more success would have been expected, had the shooting sports been included in these Commonwealth games, but a decision of the hosts, (living in the former ‘nation of riflemen’), not to hold any […]

Full firearm registration – a colossal central government waste of taxpayers’ money which can never ‘work’

Recent claims made to the effect that the implementation of a firearm registration system will contribute to a reduction in violence with firearms is nonsense. Comparison with motor vehicle registration reminds us of the 20,000 motor vehicles reportedly stolen annually, some of which are known to be used in violent crime, and to the 10,000 […]

Sporting Shooters condemn mass youth walkout from Parliament

If the youth walkout from Parliament of aspiring MPs who refused to listen to a speech about firearms is an example of how our future MP’s think and act, we should be concerned, says Sporting Shooters Association President Neville Dodd. Lacking moral fibre, lacking the ability to listen to unpleasant truths and instead allowing their […]