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Police Making Law on the fly

It has been necessary to point out to police, that with their latest proposals for firearms regulations there are: • many instances where they are proposing regulations that exceed the mandate given to them by Parliament; • other instances where their interpretation of the law as passed by Parliament is “convenient” or indeed in conflict; […]

Thoughts on NZ’s New Firearms Laws (by a member)

A likely disaster The new firearms legislation, is likely to become a disaster. Let me explain: In the UK, thousands of sports shooters had their guns taken and destroyed. At first it was the semi auto rifles, then our pistols, and some shotguns. We endured the jibes and nasty remarks from the government and the […]

Wokester or Toothless?

A toothless Commissioner? National MP Simon Bridges has drawn a lot of political fire about calling the Commissioner of Police Andrew Coster, a “wokester” but others either agree or would even take it further.  Neville Dodd, president of the Sporting Shooters Assn of New Zealand, SSANZ, says sadly the Commissioner is coming across as toothless. […]

Gangs still very much in the limelight.

Raids, confiscation of assets and (some) gang members being allowed to legally buy firearms and ammunition still lead our national news bulletins, but it seems no-one has had the courage to ask if the Police and the Government have already lost the “war” against gangs. Gangs running riot? Neville Dodd, president of the Sporting Shooters […]

Police target gangs

Finally some action? The recent announcement by the Commissioner of Police that they have launched a nationwide operation to target illegal firearms in the hands of the gangs is “great news” says SSANZ President Neville Dodd. “Many of the firearms in the hands of gangs have been stolen from innocent licenced firearms owners and they too […]

Gang Members and Gun Licenses.

A recent call from ACT MP Nicole McKee raises an important question. Ms. McKee has asked the Government during question time why known gang members are being issued firearms licenses when, she says, gang members should not be allowed to hold one. The number of known gang members to hold a license rose from 11 […]

Is the law an Ass? Criminals (by definition) ignore them.

Firearm laws are a lot like most other laws; essentially triumphs of hope over reality.  The hope is they will work! The reality, especially in the case of firearms laws is that they can’t work. The idea is that they will reduce crime.  In fact they are only complied with by those who wish or need […]

The Royal Commission of Inquiry – No Accountability

Firearm owners have waited 19 months for the report of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch mosque attacks, in the firm belief that it would vindicate their view that they were in no way responsible for this heinous crime.  Regardless of the fact that our Security Intelligence services failed to detect any warning […]

NZ government’s impulsive firearm confiscation an unnecessary waste of taxpayer $

A waste & an injustice Sporting Shooters Association President Neville Dodd says “The release of the Royal Commission report on the Christchurch Mosque atrocity proves very clearly that the government’s impulsive response of firearm confiscation was an unnecessary waste of taxpayer dollars and a gross injustice to the 248,764 properly vetted firearms licence holders, who […]