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A Significant Distortion of the Truth

Recent statements attributed to the Commissioner of Police, Andrew Coster, have repeated previous allegations from police that gangs acquire their firearms from licensed firearms owners. That is a significant distortion of the truth and by implication Coster maligns a quarter of a million carefully and properly vetted New Zealanders. The Commissioner very conveniently fails to […]

What exactly is a 3D printed “Ghost Gun”?

Following the recent Sun newspaper article, we sought the opinion of a 3D printing specialist here in NZ, and following is his reply: First off, a “Ghost Gun” is a firearm, usually home made, that lacks serial numbers. 3D Printing is nothing to do with it, any more than a hacksaw is. Back in the […]

Police Firearms Administration a Disgrace!

Are our Police fit for purpose asks Neville Dodd president of Sporting Shooters. If the “purpose” is the administration of the firearms law, they themselves wrote then “the answer is clearly a resounding no! Look at their current gross under-performance” he says. Some obvious examples are: • Grossly excessive delays in processing applications (see table […]

More red tape as museums forced to hold gun dealers licenses.

Guns are inanimate but the Government seems determined to personify them as evil, as more & more pointless restrictions have been passed into law. That is the view of Neville Dodd, president of Sporting Shooters, on the new law that requires museum curators to hold a firearms dealer’s license if there are any firearms in […]

Kudos to Police

The Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand congratulates NZ Police on its success in concluding the New Zealand end of Operation Trojan Shield, which saw the arrest of 35 people involved in the illegal drug trade and the seizure of $3.7 million assets, which included drugs, cash, firearms, vehicles and boats. President Neville Dodd said, […]

Police Making Law on the fly

It has been necessary to point out to police, that with their latest proposals for firearms regulations there are: • many instances where they are proposing regulations that exceed the mandate given to them by Parliament; • other instances where their interpretation of the law as passed by Parliament is “convenient” or indeed in conflict; […]

Thoughts on NZ’s New Firearms Laws (by a member)

A likely disaster The new firearms legislation, is likely to become a disaster. Let me explain: In the UK, thousands of sports shooters had their guns taken and destroyed. At first it was the semi auto rifles, then our pistols, and some shotguns. We endured the jibes and nasty remarks from the government and the […]