Police Taking a Year to Renew a Firearms Licence

Why is it taking so long (12 months or more) for police to renew a firearms licence?

Could it be that Police are swamped in a mess of their own making. A more important question is why is it the job of Police to renew a licence?  These questions are being asked by responsible firearm owners who are compromised and inhibited by the scandalous delays within police.

Really, compromised, inhibited?  Yes because under the huge volume of new and convoluted law, police have dumped on fully vetted New Zealanders.

A firearms owner whose licence has expired before police issue the replacement licence can no longer use or even have possession of his or her firearms and must transfer them to another licenceholder’s secure storage.  Not an easy task by any means.  Very few licence holders have excess secure storage and transferring bulk firearms adds to the risk of theft or loss.

Act Member of Parliament (MP) Nicole McKee recently questioned Police Minister Chris Hipkins about the long delays in issuing new licences. The answer she got can be summed up as platitudes. Clearly it is not a top priority for Police or their master the Hon Mr Hipkins.

Well, it is not good enough Mr Hipkins.  Please note that Police should police the law and not administer that law and Parliament should only pass law that can be easily understood and complied with by the average law abiding citizen