Dodgy Police statistics reveals failure of gun law “reforms”

Referring to this article, it is apparent that “gun crime” has not declined since the confiscation of thousand s of semi auto rifles from law abiding firearm owners, and the tighter gun controls put in place by the Labour government.
Police data collection on gun crime is flawed, failing to differentiate when an actual crime is committed with a real gun, or no gun is present at all.
All this article does, is to put fear in the minds of the general population, and shows where most gun crime is committed, but fails to tell us who is responsible and where the perpetrators come from. It also ignores the mobility of criminals, who are unlikely to offend in their ‘home’ suburbs.
However, if they’re using registered vehicles to get around, why can these not be traced to work out where they live? Maybe this is just too simple?

Update 20220907; response from COLFO