Gun Control Advocate Dr Hera Cook wants to ban advertising of firearms

In an interview on RNZ Dr Hera Cook suggested that since the Christchurch Massacre in 2019 gun crime was not really getting worse, it only seemed that it was because it was being more frequently reported in Media as police cracked down on gangs. She then went on to advocate the banning of advertising of firearms as a way to reduce gun crime.

As Sporting Shooters Association President Neville Dodd says, “Firearms have on average been involved in about 70 deaths a year, 10 homicides and 60 suicides. Motor vehicles on the other hand account for nearly 400 deaths a year and thousands of serious injuries. Would Ms Cook also advocate banning car advertising?’ 

Could she tell us how banning firearm advertising would influence gun crime when from 2005 to date 11,536 firearms have been stolen by criminals and are now circulating in the underworld. Criminals don’t buy guns from guns shops or licensed owners, they steal them, manufacture them or import them along with their smuggled narcotics.

The current spate of gun violence perpetrated in our largest city is not caused by firearms owned by licensed firearm owners but is fueled by tensions and turf wars between rival gangs. Hence the solution to that problem needs to focus on gangs and why people join them rather than placing more restrictions on lawful firearm owners and their ability to enjoy their sport or pastime.