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Lawmaking to make the already illegal, more illegal?

Reports of a central-government proposed bill to discourage juvenile ram-raiders smacks of deja-vu, akin to that of prohibiting semi-automatic centrefire rifles following the mass-murders by a terrorist in Christchurch just four years ago. Just as everything the offender in Christchurch did was illegal, so are the mis-deeds of the ram-raiders.  Most of these raiders don’t […]

Consequences From NZ Police Association Appearance On TVNZ Breakfast

Wednesday, 17 May 2023, 12:57 pm Press Release: NZ Council Of Licensed Firearms Owners The Council of Licensed Firearm Owners (COLFO) is concerned at the unsubstantiated and incomplete evidence that emerged in an interview on live television this week with President of the NZ Police Association, Chris Cahill. Cahill’s interview on TVNZ Breakfast’s show last […]

N.Z. First agrees they were mistaken to support gun law reforms

Sporting Shooters President Alec Melville recently met New Zealand First candidate Shane Jones about NZ First support of the misguided Labour Government’s firearm law reforms.  Blunt-speaking Shane Jones not only agreed that NZ First were mistaken in supporting the law reforms but also indicated that he does not support further reforms including full firearm registration (FFR). […]