N.Z. First agrees they were mistaken to support gun law reforms

Sporting Shooters President Alec Melville recently met New Zealand First candidate Shane Jones about NZ First support of the misguided Labour Government’s firearm law reforms.

 Blunt-speaking Shane Jones not only agreed that NZ First were mistaken in supporting the law reforms but also indicated that he does not support further reforms including full firearm registration (FFR).

Mr Jones said that New Zealand First would rather Police concentrate on the gangs than making license holders lives a misery through excessive regulation.

This is contrasts with the reaction of outgoing Dunedin North MP Dr David Clark at a meeting in March with Chaz Forsyth, who when shown an example of the intensive and onerous details to be provided for gaining Commissioner of Police approval of all small arms ranges, responded to the effect that the keeping of records in a centralised system would reduce the dependence upon clubs, whose recruitment of committee members had long posed difficulties.

The burdensome firearm law reforms imposed by a central government intent on trying anything to curb violent crime had rebounded to the detriment of the licensed firearm owners, without impacting upon those whose ill-intent had already been publicly declared.

“Do you feel safer?” is a question which must be asked in light of these ‘reforms’.