Seven Shooting Incidents across Auckland in the past 24 hours

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 @ 17:30 hr

President of the Sporting Shooters Association, Chaz Forsyth says “this level of gang violence in our biggest city is a clear indication, that all the Government firearm legislation since March 2019 has been a complete failure – to say nothing of a total waste of several hundred million of taxpayer money.”

As we have said all along, the Prime Minister targeted the wrong people in her gun confiscation and the new laws making it harder for responsible law-abiding Kiwis to own firearms”.

Rather then spending a further $208 Million on requiring the Commissioner of Police to micro manage shooting clubs and their ranges, as well as compiling lists of privately owned firearms, she would be better advised to spend this tax payers money on more proactive policing of the numerous gangs and their members who are currently poking a finger at her and the police.

“Far be it for us to tell the government how this should be done, but it is clear that the government has been poorly advised in their arms legislation. Legislation which has spectacularly failed to make New Zealand safer. In fact it is a far less safe country than it was 3 years ago” said Forsyth.