Police Firearms Administration a Disgrace!

Are our Police fit for purpose asks Neville Dodd president of Sporting Shooters. If the “purpose” is the administration of the firearms law, they themselves wrote then “the answer is clearly a resounding no!

Look at their current gross under-performance” he says.

Some obvious examples are:
• Grossly excessive delays in processing applications (see table below – a shocking indictment)
• Long delays in replying to emails and (in a lot of cases) not replying at all
• Dealers left in uncertainty over running their businesses because their annual licence
renewals are not being processed promptly.
• Rude and aggressive interviews of licence applicants and their families and referees
• Demands for details of home layout – to be stored on the porous police computer

Government must give urgency to the establishment of the previously announced independent Firearms Administration Authority Dodd says. “Confine police to what they are good at – policing the law. Not writing the law and not administering the law they have written.”