The sporting shooters Association of New Zealand welcomes the news that the Coronial Enquiry into the 2019 Christchurch terrorist attack will consider the matter of how the shooter was issued a firearm licence.

As Sporting Shooters media Director Rob Cope Williams stated “We know that immediately after the incident police claimed they were not at fault, in issuing Tarrant a firearm licence and a permit to purchase 1000s of round of ammunition on line, but we now know from the Royal Commission of Inquiry that the police failed to fulfil their duty in this respect. It is time all the evidence is made public”.

“While the Royal Commission had already looked at the process by which the terrorist obtained his firearms licence, the coroner said it was appropriate for the inquiry to examine the issue afresh.”

We will never know, for certain, what might have happened if [the terrorist’s] licence application had been declined. But, in order to decide whether there is a logical inference which I can draw on the balance of probabilities on this issue, I need to consider the available evidence.”

Cope Williams also went on to say “ We believe that the police tried to cover up their failings by making unsubstantiated claims to Cabinet that has lead to the draconian laws and regulation that are about to be introduce affecting shooting clubs and ranges that will see many of them closed.