“Keeping us safe?”

 Superintendent Karyn Malthus says, ‘Keeping firearms owners safe is a key focus for Police’. Yeah Right!
Safe from who?”, asks Neville Dodd President of the Sporting Shooters Association.
From our perspective the biggest threat and the most damage to firearm owners in New Zealand unquestionably comes from the present government and Police.
Between them they have marginalised the firearm community, confiscated and destroyed treasured and historic firearms, made it harder to obtain a firearms licence, not forgetting year long delays in licence renewals, carried out home invasions, the destruction of licensed owners property, produced regulations that will close shooting clubs and ranges, and put owners at risk by neglecting to secure their addresses and personal details.
In addition they have made it harder for landowners to control pest animals on their property.  Next we face the Registration of all firearms with the inherent risks that poses for law abiding owners to say nothing of the huge impost on the taxpayer ($1 million per week).
At the same time as all of this the number of shootings of civilians by police appears to be on the increase.
So superintendent we can do without the focus of Police, thank you very much.
Know your history