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10,000 less guns to save our native forests

Because of delays in renewals of gun licenses, there will be a shortfall of 10,000 hunters to control the feral deer in our native bush.

Chaz Forsyth, chairman of Sporting shooters, says gun owners are livid at the delays for which there seems to be no reason.
“It is almost a case of the Government and the Police not wanting any legal and licensed firearm owner to have guns or enjoy their sport.” Delays of up six months for those already licensed, and twelve months for those who want to become a legal owner are widely known.

“It is demoralizing that gang members can procure a license and supply other gang members, while lawful owners are facing a continuation of restrictions and new laws to stifle any desire to continue in their chosen sport”.

Rules regarding storage, transportation and use of the guns continue to choke law-abiding gun owners. No one seems to care, he says; guns are not PC in the eyes of many because of the publicity surrounding street shootings, and the authorities are feeding that message to the general public to shun licensed gun owners even more.

“People forget that there are about 250,000 lawful gun owners who shoot in controlled situations, hunt to feed their families and others, & are among the world’s best when it comes to Olympic games and international competition”.

He points out that shooting is the only international sport that the Government wants to stamp out rather than promote, and despite many attempts to get a response from the Minister, Poto Williams, the intense pressure to deny gun owners any freedom to enjoy their sport continues.

In the mean time our forests are being decimated and the Government turns its blind eye to the problem.

So if you agree, hunt for food or enjoy your sport, email & exhort her to use her powers to grant extensions to expiring licences.