As a result of an Official Information Act request to Police we can now reveal that the cache of firearms seized in Auckland as part of Operation Turbo, last March that was the catalyst for the Select Committee Inquiry into how criminals obtain firearms, comprised of the following:

7 MSSA E Cat rifles (M 4, AK 47 and 10/22) for M4 read AR 15 type

4 Semi auto A Cat rifles (AK 47, M 4, M14)

2 shotguns and I bolt action A Cat rifle

3 Pistols (included a modified 10/22)

NONE were previously reported stolen by licensed owners. Only one of these firearms was imported legally, an M4 in 2003, and registered to a licensed owner.    Which begs the question HOW DID THESE MODERN MSSAs ENTER NZ?  SSANZ would suggest through our POROUS BORDER, which rather makes a mockery of the recommendations put forward by the Select Committee report.

The offender in question was convicted on representative counts of unlawful possession of firearms (3), ammunition (2)and also convicted for manufacturing and possessing with intent to supply Methamphetamine.