Like all New Zealanders we are outraged at the terrorist attack on our soil on Friday 15 March and our sympathy goes out to the victims, their families and the people of Christchurch.

We commend you for so quickly announcing an inquiry into the matters that lead up to the devastating terrorist attack . It is obvious that some things went wrong in the work of Government Agencies, that allowed this attack to take place.

We also understand that it will likely require revision of our Arms laws to ensure a similar attack in the future can be prevented. We urge you not to rush into making hasty decisions about this, while the country as a whole is still grieving and there is so much anger and emotion being displayed.

We ask you to pause and wait for the findings of the inquiry and then engage with the firearm community to draft legislation that will be effective and result in full compliance by those affected.

Knee jerk legislation that does not follow the full democratic parliamentary process will cause distrust in government and division within the community and fulfil the aim, stated in his manifesto, of the terrorist in using firearms for his attack.